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Hi Gwen,

I just wanted to let you know that over the weekend I was able to pick up two 20-pound boxes of cat litter (not at the same time) and a 30-pound bag of dog food with only minor irritation to my back that last only a few minutes. This is a dramatic difference from a few weeks ago. I don’t feel vulnerable, like any little thing could throw me out. The biggest challenge is finding time to do the exercises, but I’ve managed to get them in at least six days a week. I just want to thank you, because I think I was looking at a lot of misery in my future, but I believe I can significantly improve my quality of life. Hope you’re doing well.


Gwen Warby-Marsh

has been my Physical Therapist for 12 years. She has taken great care of me and has treated me through 2 surgeries for a broken ankle, ongoing back pain caused by a herniated disk, tightness in my neck and back, and helped me with stretching and strengthening exercises after going through a year of reconstructive surgeries after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Gwen has been wonderful! Because of her manual treatments, exercises she suggested for me and massage therapies, I feel great and have not had to go through any back or any other surgeries! When I get careless and over exert myself, Gwen has been there to get everything back in place!! She is caring, explains the treatment and causes of injuries, how to maximize recommended exercises and is always very concerned for my well being and she always puts me at ease. Over these past 12 years, I have followed Gwen when she was with other treatment facilities. Gwen has now opened her own center, Trinity Manual & Sports Physical Therapy.

I am a friend and a patient for LIFE!!

Annette Seestedt


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help and support during my sessions with you at Trinity.

I know my case was nowhere near as severe as most that you see on a daily basis but I wanted you to know what your help has meant to me. Being active, especially in bodybuilding has been a large part of my life for a long time. Almost 10 years now. To be honest it scared the hell out of me to think about giving up what I love and work so hard for. Some people just don't understand why that is not an option for me though. They tell me to quit since it might not be the most beneficial activity for me, my neck, or my colitis. I wanted to thank you for never making me feel guilty for doing what makes me truly happy. I appreciated your positive outlook, your extremely helpful suggestions, and your determination to get me back in the gym and doing what I love.

So while a slight busted up neck might have seemed like a small issue to some it was all very scary for me because of what it could mean for my lifestyle. I wanted to thank you for helping me continue on with my lifestyle as well as getting me mentally prepared to live with the physical and psychological issues surrounding my injury.

You have a gift and I will certainly let anyone know where to go if they are in need like I was. You and Gwen are all outstanding at what you do and it was a pleasure working with and interacting with all of you. Take care and hopefully next time I see you all it will be as just a friend and not a patient.



My sincere thanks for your expertise and the TLC during my therapy. I feel I can now move forward and improve as a result of your help.


Trinity Staff

Thanks to all of you for your kindness over the past few weeks. A special thanks to Paul for making my pregnancy bearable the last few months and to Gwen for assisting while Paul was on vacation.

Thanks Kim


Thanks for all your help, for your professional manner, for the spiritual uplifts and God Bless you Guide and Direct you always.

Hi Paul

Just a note to say my exercise at home are still going good, everything seems to be staying in place. Bowling seems to be going ok. I warm up and take my Tylenol before hand, helps a lot. Take care and God Bless you

Dear Paul

Our family is once again are very lucky to receive your services. You have always been so very concerned and done your best to ease our problems. I ma sure you are giving up your lunch hour again Friday to treat Doug.. His problems have been so much worse. We are probably facing some other decisions. Thank you so very much for being so considerate of both of us.  Your staff has always been the greatest.

Many Thanks Sincerely


Dear Paul

Doug and I are most appreciative of all your help in improving our conditions. His is complete and I'm still working on my problem.

Dear Paul

Thank you so much for help with my legs and back.



Thanks for all your help-up to 6min. on the treadmill and ridding bike (indoors) for 2 min. with no problem. Was nice working with you.


Dear Sir

I just want you to know this old lady so appreciated your kindness etc. during my treatments. May god bless you and use you to help many.

Thank you Thelma
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